Electric fold-up scooter

Wanna feel like a witch on your own broom? Magically appear at work's doorstep just a few minutes after you left your house? Want to cackle as you fly around obstacles but leave the toil and trouble behind?
The city council has very helpfully provided some new bicycle lanes and even better, they allow these electric stand-on scooters on them! So you get your own lane separated from cars to zoom across the city on, and this scooter is small and light (15kg) enough to fold up and carry into an elevator, and hide under your desk.

Plug the compact charger into the wall and you'll be smiling all day until you can ride it again.

Just $749.00 (RRP$1199.00)


LED headlights
LED brake lights
3 speed limiter settings to keep you legal
Samsung or LG lithium battery
Compact mains-operated charger
Battery meter
Trip meter

There is an optional seat as an add-on accessory too, $149.00
Available in anodised electric blue, anodised black and occasionally other special edition colours too.

OK to use in the cycle lanes (city council rules may vary)

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