Niu NQi-GTS Sport

The Niu NQi-GTS is the evolution of the N-GT, the first dealer-supported fully electric motorcycle in NZ.
Superb performance meets a highly detailed level of connectivity with your vehicle - always know via smartphone app where your bike is, plus battery state etc. The smart features that made the moped models such a success have been extended for the NQi-GTS Sport. Now featuring:

  • 14 inch alloy wheels
  • dual high density Li-ion batteries
  • faster charging
  • Combined Braking System
  • Electronic brake / regenerative braking
  • self-cancelling indicators and cruise control
  • smart app-connected, 3 years of SIM data included
  • larger, colour dash screen
  • 2 year warranty

The design was by kiwi Joseph Nelson and has brought home several international design awards. Additional accessories available include top box, windscreen, winter apron.

Just $7,499.00 plus ORC!

5 reasons a scooter is good for you: 
Scooters get free parking, every where, all the time
Much cheaper registration (licensing cost) than cars
No WOF needed for 50cc scooters, car license OK
You can use bus lanes and cycle lanes any time (city council rules may vary)
No more traffic jams 

Colour ways are Pure (pearl) white with red stripe, Midnight (pearl) black with white stripe, Midnight (pearl) black with red stripe.

Hire Purchase/finance options are available for paying off your scooter from as little as $20 a week. Applications can be processed within 30 minutes to get you on the way to scooter ownership ASAP.

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