Niu MQi GT

The MQi GT gives you the ultimate riding confidence on the road with a large frame and bigger wheels. The powerful 4th Generation Niu Energy Lithium Batteries and Bosch motor makes this perfect for daily commuting with it's 80km/h top speed and 70-80km range. The seat is also 30% longer than the popular NQi series making it perfect for another passenger. 

Know the status of your scooter with info at your fingertips - the Niu smart app tells you the scooter's real time location, battery and range status and can notify you of unauthorised movement too. Colours is Gloss Grey 

Just $7,999.00 + ORC

  • 4th Gen. Lithium Battery Technology
  • Active cooling for the batteries
  • 80km/h Top Speed, 70-80km Range
  • 14" alloy wheels, seats 2
  • 3000W continuous output Bosch Motor
  • Anti-theft alerts via the GPS and smartphone app, 3 years of SIM data included
  • Electronic brake / regenerative braking
  • Two year warranty on battery, motor, controller, frame and ECU
5 reasons a scooter is good for you: 
Scooters get free parking, every where, all the time
Much cheaper registration (licensing cost) than cars
No WOF needed for 50cc scooters, car license OK
You can use bus lanes and cycle lanes any time (city council rules may vary)
No more traffic jams 

Hire Purchase/finance options are available for paying off your scooter from as little as $20 a week. Applications can be processed within 30 minutes to get you on the way to scooter ownership ASAP.

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