Italjet Dragster 200

The iconic Dragster from 1995 has been redesigned into this magnificent powerhouse.

Manufactured in Italy by Italjet that have put their determination into creating a sport scooter that has never been seen before. 

Has more than enough speed to take on the motorway with its fast acceleration!

  • FI 200cc, liquid-cooled, four valved engine
  • Impressive brakes with 200mm mid mounted Brembo front disc and ABS
  • Maximum torque 15.5 Nm
  • I.S.S Independent steering system- separates the steering and shock absorbing action, filtering any roughness
  • Single hydraulic shock absorber - combined with the I.S.S  makes the Dragster’s handling optimal and exciting
  • Trellis frame in chrome molybdenum giving the dragster it's unique look. 
  • Full LED headlights
  • Meets EU 5 emissions regulations

5 reasons a scooter is good for you: 
Scooters get free parking, every where, all the time
Much cheaper registration (licensing cost) than cars
No WOF needed for 50cc scooters, car license OK
You can use bus lanes and cycle lanes any time (city council rules may vary)
No more traffic jams 

Hire Purchase/finance options are available for paying off your scooter from as little as $20 a week. Applications can be processed within 30 minutes to get you on the way to scooter ownership ASAP.

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