Niu M1 Pro 2019

Niu's M1 Pro takes urban electric transport to the next level with a range of innovative features. This nimble and compact electric vehicle is designed to enhance your city commute.

Lighter and Smaller Chassis: The M1 Pro is built with a lighter and more compact chassis, making it easy to navigate through crowded city streets and fit into tight parking spots. This design prioritizes agility and maneuverability, allowing you to weave through traffic effortlessly.

Agile Wheelset: The agile wheelset enhances the vehicle's handling and responsiveness. This ensures that you can make quick and precise turns, further improving your ability to navigate urban environments with ease.

High-Capacity Battery: The M1 Pro comes equipped with a high-capacity battery, providing you with extended range on a single charge. This means you can travel farther on your electric scooter without worrying about recharging as frequently.

With GPS built into your scooter, you can track the location anywhere through your app. You can even tell if your scooter has been bumped, knocked over or had the battery removed.

  • GPS out of the box
  • smartphone app-connected
  • self diagnosing
  • regenerative braking
  • charges from a wall outlet and battery is easily removable
  • Up to 50 km range on highest mode.

14,100 km's on the clock with plenty of more use to go!

Only $3,199.00 Including on road costs.

5 reasons a scooter is good for you:

Scooters get free parking
Much cheaper running cost than cars
Always find a park
You can use bus lanes and cycle lanes any time (city council rules may vary)
No more traffic jams

We can deliver anywhere in New Zealand or overseas!
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Hire Purchase/finance options are available for paying off this scooter from as little as $35 a week. Applications can be processed within 30 minutes to get you on the way to scooter ownership ASAP.

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