Scootling Brands


We are a long-standing scooter importer and RMVT dealer in Auckland offering a wide range of scooter and scooter part brands. Here are some of the scooter brands we love and proudly supply: 



Vespa scooters


Vespa is one of the most iconic and recognisable scooter brands globally. Known for its classic Italian design and quality craftsmanship, Vespa scooters are synonymous with style and sophistication. Scootling sold the Vespa brand from 2011 to 2014 and we still have excellent parts access and expertise with them.



Honda scooters


Honda is a renowned Japanese brand known for its reliability and innovation. Scootling was a dealer for Honda from 2008 for many years, so we have excellent support with knowledge and parts to keep you rolling.




Adly scooters


Adly is a Taiwanese scooter brand known for its affordability and reliability. We have been the distributor for Adly scooters since 2007 and they have cemented their place as an exceptional value proposition in the NZ scooter market.



Piaggio scooters


Piaggio, another Italian brand and some would say the founder of the scooter format.  Scootling has excellent parts back up for the most common parts for Piaggio scooters - representing some of the biggest sellers in NZ.



Italjet Scooters


One of Italjet's iconic models is the Italjet Dragster, which has made a comeback in recent years and garnered attention for its distinctive, aggressive styling and powerful performance. Unique design elements and premium components stack up to make a scooter that really stands out. We have been a delaer for Italjet since 2023.



PGO Scooters


PGO, a Top-5 Taiwanese scooter manufacturer, has been a prominent player in the scooter industry for several decades. Known for their reliability, practicality, and affordability, PGO has a range of scooters designed in modern or retro looks for a fun commute.


Niu Electric Scooters


Niu is a contemporary electric scooter brand known for its innovative designs and exceptional smart features. Scootling's inclusion of Niu scooters in its lineup reflects our commitment to sustainable mobility solutions, with groundbreaking models like the Niu MQi GT Evo and Niu NQi Sport available. 


Please note that the availability of specific scooter brands and models may change over time, so it's essential to visit the Scootling website or drop in and see us directly for the most up-to-date information on our motor scooter and moped offerings.

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