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We have a comprehensive selection of both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and performance parts for various scooter brands, including both older and newer models. Here's an overview of the types of parts you can find at Scootling.co.nz: 


OEM Parts 

Genuine Replacement Parts: Scootling offers genuine OEM replacement parts for various scooter brands. These parts are sourced directly from the manufacturer or large distributors, ensuring prompt dispatch, compatibility and quality. Whether you ride a classic 90's Honda or a cutting-edge modern Niu scooter, you can find OEM and service parts such as drive belts, plastics, switches, plugs, mirrors, and more. 

Maintenance and Service Parts: Keeping your scooter in top condition is crucial for safety and performance. We've got top quality engine oil, transmission oil and consumable parts like filters, to keep your scooter happy. 

Electrical Components: From bulbs and batteries to ignition systems and relays, Scootling offers a comprehensive selection of electrical components to ensure your scooter's lights, signals, and ignition systems function correctly. 


Performance Parts 

Exhaust Systems: For riders looking to enhance their scooter's performance and sound, Scootling provides a variety of lightweight aftermarket exhaust systems. These can improve both horsepower and torque while giving your scooter a unique sound signature. 

Variators and Clutches: Upgrading your variator and clutch can enhance acceleration and top speed. Scootling stocks performance variators, clutches, and related components to help you achieve better performance. 

Carburetors and Fuel Systems: Tuning your scooter's carburetor and fuel system can lead to improved fuel efficiency and throttle response. Scootling offers a range of carburetor options and jet kits for various scooter models. 

Suspension Upgrades: To improve ride comfort and handling, Scootling offers performance suspension components like shocks and forks. 

Tyres and Wheels: It's what connects you to the road. Upgrading to high-performance tyres can significantly improve your scooter's grip and maneuverability. 

Customisation Accessories: Scootling also offers a variety of scooter accessories, including custom seats, LED bulbs, mirrors, brake levers and body panels, allowing you to personalise your scooter's appearance. 

High-Performance Engine Kits: For those seeking maximum performance gains, Scootling offers high-performance engine kits and components that can transform your scooter into a true powerhouse. 

Whether you ride a retro Italian, a newer auto scooter, or any other scooter brand, Scootling likely has the knowledge and performance parts you need to maintain, repair, or upgrade your scooter. To ensure you're selecting the right parts for your specific scooter model and year, please consult with us or use our online search tools for precise fitment information.

We're the NZ distributor and dealer for several renowned aftermarket part manufacturers and suppliers, including Kitaco (Japan), KN-Kikaku (Japan), Stage 6 (Germany), SIP (Germany). We have unmatched access to OEM parts too - dealer inquiries are welcome.


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