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We've offered Protecta's insurance products for bikes and motor scooters since 2006. It's underwritten by Virginia Surety Inc. (Christchurch), one of the world's biggest and stablest insurers!


Insuring your motor scooter/motorcycle online

You're on the winning side in the battle against transport problems, but insurance will help keep you there. We can quote insurance on all mopeds/motor scooters and motorbikes kept in New Zealand valued from under $1,000 to $50,000 and over. Full cover policies through Protecta get 3 free AA call outs per year too.


Bike Insurance options

Full cover, third party plus fire/theft, storage cover. Protect your precious investment, regardless of how often you use it!

Unfortunately in NZ the majority of traffic incidents involving scooters are caused by another party, not the scooter rider. So even skilled, experienced riders are at risk. Get an easy quote via the link above for insurance against theft and damage to other people and their vehicles! Sign up straight away for instant cover. 

For special cases, or insurance for classic scooters / old motorcycles etc contact us by phone (09)360-0717, or by email [email protected]

In these cases we need to know your driver's license details, number plate or VIN, Make/model and value, and any accident history.

Our scooter and motorbike insurance options for classics:

  • Full (comprehensive) cover
  • Third party, fire and theft
  • Storage only
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